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Friday, January 06, 2006

Spring is HOT - An Introduction

This time I come up with an interesting framework and it's popularity is increasing in the Java development community. The so called framework is Spring. I insisted to learn spring becuase many of the requirements i have seen in the companies mention Spring framework. So, i decided to learn Spring.

I have decided to write series of blogs on spring. In this "Spring is HOT - An Introduction" , i will give an introduction to the spring frmework. Future blogs i will explain how to use Spring in the web developement. In this blog i am not going to teach you how to program in spring rather i will explain you what is spring and how it is richer than EJB.

If you think Spring is an framework in the place of Struts, you have wrong conception about the Spring . Spring is not only a framework, also it is an container to develope high end enterprise applications. Unlike EJB, it doesn't come up with more complex architecture rather it is a simple framewok to use in our application with all other services(Transaction,Security,etc.) wrapped up your code. All the services are bundled in the different jar files and you just add the required files into your project.

Spring uses Plain Old Java Object(POJO) paradigm to implement the services needed for your application. This facilitate the use of Spring framework out of the container. Easy to Unit Test the Spring enabled applications. Another salient feature of Spring is, it allows us to easily integrate with other frameworks like Struts, WebWorks, Hibernate, etc.

Spring is built using two programming techniques : Inversion of Control(IoC) and Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP). In my next blog i will write about IoC in detail. Spring is extensively implemented in the Banking solutions. I can see the prosperous year ahead for Spring in 2006.

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