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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Servlets Interview Questions

1. How differ servlets from its peer technology?
2. What is difference between servlet and ASP?
3. Have you used threads in Servelet
4. What is the difference between Generic servlet and HTTPServlet?
5. How do to prevent user by viewing secured page by clicking back button when session expired
6. How do we prevent user to read secured page.. after logout
7. What is default Session time out in the servers like Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss,..etc?
8. What is difault http method in http servlet?
9. How can a servlet automatically updated by its data without refreshing? take one example of sensex site, the corresponding data are shown in a scrolling manner. How they can automatically be refreshed after some time. without refreshing the page.
10. What is send redirect method? and when it is used?
11. In servlets, what is the use of sendredirect(), include( ), forward()? In applecation level at what scnario they will be used
12. How to get initialization time (init () method)values in servlet?
13. How to get value from init() method in servlet? How to get initializaion time values from init() in servlet?
14. How we can check in particular page the session will be alive or not?
15. In which conditions we have to use the ServletContext
16. Suppose in web.xml file we are given 30 and in the servlet program we are given setSessionInActiveInterval(40). When that session will be terminated? After 30 sec or 40 sec?
session will be terminated depending upon the later updation means it depend upon the xml file and 17. How much amount of information will be stored within a session
18. What are the JSP atrributes?
19. How to encode textbox in servlet so we find complete column information from the database
20. Types of Servlets?

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