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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Struts Interview Questions

1. In which pattern does all the action classes in the struts are organized
2. What is the actual difference between MVC and MVC Model2
3. how can i pass info from dyna form bean to Entity Bean(CMP)
4. how to build struts in java?what are the function of struts?
5. When we are saving form bean ,What is the difference between session scope and
request scope.
6. Can we use any other technology than JSP to construct a view ?
7. Does Struts provide support for Validator & Tiles by default ?
8. can i use bc4j with spring framwork
9. Is there any way to put my custom name to LIB folder which i am going to place in
WEB-INF folder of struts application?
10.How you will save the data across different pages for a particular client
request usingStruts

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