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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One of the strong Frame-work on which I ever Work..

Hi Friends,
It’s been a Year I am working on health care project, we have our own framework which is very strong. the technologies which are getting used for this frame work are very good. So I thought I will share this with u all. The technologies which we are using are :

• Hibernate
• Oracle
• Canoo- as testing tool

Frame -work follows MVC Pattern. We are using JSF as view. And Hibernate supports to fetch the Queries from DB.While working on this project I found JSF is very good technology which can be use as view instated of using simple Jsps.Jsf provides good set of components which we can use to develop our application. But with this I also found that the IDs which we are using for naming the component are very much important otherwise the JSF page won't come. In one way u can say that IDs are very much important in the JSF.In next post I will tell u something about hibernate.

1 comment:

Vatchala said...

I am new to JSF. Can you provide some sample so that i can get an idea to develop the view.