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Friday, August 04, 2006

Java API for XML Web Services Addressing (JAX-WSA)

The Java API for XML Web Services Addressing (JAX-WSA) is a new component in Project GlassFish. It provides an implementation of the WS-Addressing specification, currently under development at the World Wide Web Consortium. JAX-WSA is also a part of Project Tango, Sun Microsystem's Web Services Interoperability Technology.

The JAX-WSA component is an EA release designed to give Web services developers a first look at this new technology in the Java WSDP. It is experimental in that it relies on a somewhat different line of code for JAX-WS than is installed by default with the open-source Java EE 5-compliant application server in Project GlassFish.
Users should note that the JAX-WSA component is not installed by default but requires a custom installation. Please see the installation instructions below for more information.
JAX-WS is now an open-source project at! Check it out, join in, and make your contribution to this vital technology.

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