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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Developer and Testing/Tester

Development and testing are two sides of coin, without development testing can’t be possible and without testing development can’t be complete. As a developer what I feel is a developer should be good tester to deliver quality of product

Following list of Questions are helpful for tester as well as developer so that developer can become good tester and tester can become very very good in testing to deliver quality of product.

1. What is Software Testing?
2. What is the Purpose of Testing?
3. What types of testing do testers perform?
4. What is the Outcome of Testing?
5. What kind of testing have you done?
6. What is the need for testing?
7. What are the entry criteria for Functionality and Performance testing?
8. What is test metrics?
9. Why do you go for White box testing, when Black box testing is available?
10. What are the entry criteria for Automation testing?
11. When to start and Stop Testing?
12. What is Quality?
13. What is Baseline document, Can you say any two?
14. What is verification?
15. What is validation?
16. What is quality assurance?
17. What is quality control?
18. What is SDLC and TDLC?
19. What are the Qualities of a Tester?
20. When to start and Stop Testing?
21. What are the various levels of testing?
22. What are the types of testing you know and you experienced?
23. What exactly is Heuristic checklist approach for unit testing?
24. After completing testing, what would you deliver to the client?
25. What is a Test Bed?26. What is a Data Guidelines?
27. Why do you go for Test Bed?
28. What is Severity and Priority and who will decide what?
29. Can Automation testing replace manual testing? If it so, how?
30. What is a test case?
31. What is a test condition?
32. What is the test script?
33. What is the test data?
34. What is an Inconsistent bug?
35. What is the difference between Re-testing and Regression testing?
36. What are the different types of testing techniques?
37. What are the different types of test case techniques?
38. What are the risks involved in testing?
39. Differentiate Test bed and Test Environment?
40. What ifs the difference between defect, error, bug, failure, fault?
41. What is the difference between quality and testing?
42. What is the difference between White & Black Box Testing?
43. What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?
44. What is the difference between Testing and debugging?
45. What is the difference between bug and defect?
46. What is the difference between verification and validation?
47. What is the difference between functional spec. and Business requirement specification?
48. What is the difference between unit testing and integration testing?
49. What is the diff between Volume & Load?
50. What is diff between Volume & Stress?
51. What is the diff between Stress & Load Testing?
52. What is the Diff between Two Tier & Three tier Architecture?
53. What is the diff between Client Server & Web Based Testing?
54. What is the diff between Integration & System Testing?
55. What is the Diff between Code Walkthrough & Code Review?
56. What is the diff between walkthrough and inspection?
57. What is the Diff between SIT & IST?
58. What is the Diff between static and dynamic?
59. What is the diff between alpha testing and beta testing?
60. What are the Minimum requirements to start testing?
61. What is Smoke Testing & when it will be done?
62. What is Adhoc Testing? When it can be done?
63. What is cookie testing?
64. What is security testing?
65. What is database testing?
66. What is the relation ship between Quality & Testing?
67. How do you determine, what to be tested?
68. How do you go about testing a project?
69. What is the Initial Stage of testing?
70. What is Web Based Application Testing?
71. What is Client Server Application Testing?
72. What is Two Tier & Three tier Architecture?
73. What is the use of Functional Specification?
74. Why do we prepare test condition, test cases, test script (Before Starting Testing)?
75. Is it not waste of time in preparing the test condition, test case & Test Script?
76. How do you go about testing of Web Application?
77. How do you go about testing of Client Server Application?
78. What is meant by Static Testing?
79. Can the static testing be done for both Web & Client Server Application?
80. In the Static Testing, what all can be tested?
81. Can test condition, test case & test script help you in performing the static testing?
82. What is meant by dynamic testing?
83. Is the dynamic testing a functional testing?
84. Is the Static testing a functional testing?
85. What are the functional testing you perform?
86. What is meant by Alpha Testing?
87. What kind of Document you need for going for an Functional testing?
88. What is meant by Beta Testing?
89. At what stage the unit testing has to be done?
90 Who can perform the Unit Testing?
91. When will the Verification & Validation be done?
92. What is meant by Code Walkthrough?
93. What is meant Code Review?
94. What is the testing that a tester performs at the end of Unit Testing?
95. What are the things, you prefer & Prepare before starting Testing?
96. What is Integration Testing?
97. What is Incremental Integration Testing?
98. What is meant by System Testing?
99. What is meant by SIT?
100 .When do you go for Integration Testing?
101 Can the System testing be done at any stage?
102. What are stubs & drivers?
103. What is the Concept of Up-Down & Down-Up in Testing in integration testing?
104. What is the final Stage of Integration Testing?
105. Where in the SDLC, the Testing Starts?
106. What is the Outcome of Integration Testing?
107. What is meant by GUI Testing?
108. What is meant by Back-End Testing?
109. What are the features, you take care in Prototype testing?
110. What is Mutation testing & when can it be done?
111. What is Compatibility Testing?
112. What is Usability Testing?
113 What is the Importance of testing?
114. What is meant by regression Testing?
115. When we prefer Regression & what are the stages where we go for Regression Testing?
116. What is performance testing?
117. What is the Performance testing; those can be done Manually & Automatically?
118 What is Volume, Stress & Load Testing?
119. What is a Bug?120. What is a Defect?
121. What is the defect Life Cycle?
122. What is the Priority in fixing the Bugs?
123. Explain the Severity you rate for the bugs found?
124. Diff between UAT & IST?125. What is meant by UAT?
126. What all are the requirements needed for UAT?
127. What are the docs required for Performance Testing?
128. What is risk analysis?129. How to do risk management?
130. What are test closure documents?
131. What is traceability matrix?
132. What ways you followed for defect management?

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