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Saturday, June 21, 2008

JSF Interview Questions

Does JSF require JSP?

No, it does not. As a matter of fact, JSF was written to be render-technology neutral. This means you can use it with all sorts of non-JSP technology, including XML-based languages like XUL and templating systems like Velocity. The reference implementation includes an XUL-based example that has nothing to do with JSP. That being said, you'll definitely find more industry support behind use of JSP with JSF.

Can we use JSF with JSTL or other custom tags?

When used with JSP, JSF is implemented with JSP custom tags (also called custom actions). The JSF tags will generally work with other custom tags that you or third-parties have developed. Faces tags can be nested within other tags, and vice-versa. In addition, there has been a lot of specific work done to make sure that JSF tags work well with JSTL custom tags.

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