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Friday, May 01, 2009

REST vs SOAP Webservices

After long time I am updating my blog since, I was very busy with my new project. Today I got some free time so thought I will update my blog with technology which I am using in my project. this time I am working on RESTful webservices ...ummm I know what next is coming in your mind..... what is RESTFul webservice and how its different from the the SOAP right ??? so here we go......
REST - stands for "Representational State Transfer", this basically means that each unique URL is a representation of some object. You can get the contents of that object using an HTTP GET, to delete it, you then might use a POST, PUT, or DELETE to modify the object (in practice most of the services use a POST for this).
SOAP - stands for "Simple Object Access Protocol" was designed to be a platform and language-neutral alternative to previous middleware techologies like CORBA and DCOM
Pros and cons of SOAP
Pros :
  • Langauge, platform, and transport agnostic
  • Designed to handle distributed computing environments
  • Is the prevailing standard for web services, and hence has better support from other standards (WSDL, WS-*) and tooling from vendors Built-in error handling (faults) Extensibility
  • Conceptually more difficult,
  • more "heavy-weight" than REST
  • More verbose Harder to develop, requires tools
Pros and cons of REST
  • Language and platform agnostic
  • Much simpler to develop than SOAP
  • Small learning curve, less reliance on tools
  • Concise, no need for additional messaging layer
  • Closer in design and philosophy to the Web
Cons :
  • Assumes a point-to-point communication model
  • Generaly not usable for distributed computing environment where message may go through one or more intermediaries
  • Lack of standards support for security, policy, reliable messaging, etc.
  • Services that have more sophisticated requirements are harder to develop ("roll your own") Tied to the HTTP transport model


Murli Swami said...

hey dude can u explain me what is behaviour of Stack and Heap when an object (Integer) is type casted as a data type(int)?

Javin @ how to run Java Program said...

Good comparison mate. REST is becoming more and more popular day by day. I have also shared some REST Interview Questions Answers, you may find useful.