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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Improving code quality with Eclipse plugins (Check-Style and PMD))

One of my primary goals when developing software is either preventing a defect from being introduced into a code base or limiting its lifetime; in other words, I try to find defects as early as possible. Obviously, the more I learn about how to write better code and learn how to effectively test software, the better I am at catching defects. But, I also like to have a safety net that can find potential defects. To achieve this we have lots of plug-in available on the Internet. I would suggest to used PMD as i found this is one of the most useful tool to improve the code quality as well as Its very easy to install. The plug-in which I found on Internet is check-Style, This is also one of the best tool I have ever used. Other than PMD and check-Style there lot other plug-in available, please find details for few as below

Table 1. List of code improvement plugins and installation URLs
CheckStyle : Coding standard analysis -
Coverlipse : Test code coverage -
CPD :Copy/Paste detection -
JDepend: Package dependency analysis -
PMD Coding standard analysis -


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